Thursday, September 21, 2006

NOLA revisited, 2006: a public school art teachers need

A friend of mine is a New Orleans public school art teacher. She started the school year with almost NO ART SUPPLIES! They're going on three weeks, and still drawing with pencils on paper. Not to say that's bad for serious artists to do that, but kids? Ha!

A year ago, they were still dying on the streets of New Orleans. They were still burying babies who died of dehydration, from the incompetence of a cruel and soulless government. Hey, don't blame the president: his mother raised him that way. No, seriously. I never heard a more wicked woman than Barbara Bush uttering not to worry about those people in New Orleans, they all wanted to move to Texas anyways.

Historians oft remark that Marie Antoinette didn't actually say, "Let them eat cake!" but I heard Barbara Bush say it in her own voice on the air. Matron of the Evil Empire. Question: how did she ever find Carl Rove without raising him herself? She must have minion. Anne Rice wrote all about them; now I remember.

If you want to help my friend get art supplies for her children, please click the link above for details how to send money or materials to her school. Or get in touch with me if you're a local, let me know and I'll add them to my care package.

Be well and God bless you with creativity and love.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Welcome! My artist in progress page...

Hi, all! Here's the latest view of my finished painting. I haven't been much one to chart the course of production. I guess you could say it makes me feel like a show pony to prove my work like that. It reminds me of a former life, charting human behaviours, seeking all correlatives to control manias and disease, then in another era, charting for the maximal effectiveness. God bless Dr. Kunio Kinjo, he was a master at behavioural science and I was lucky enough to work under him a while. Anyhow, back to my form and discourse of art that this blog's about, here's a pic above, Copyright 2006 Kirstin Ilse Reagan, all rights reserved.

I am waiting to find out if I made it into the MBA for artists program... I kind of like waiting to hear if I was accepted. The uncertainty of facing a jury with my artwork doesn't usually matter to me, but I actually want this one, so the course is one of feeling. The hardest part of the whole application was paring my essay down to 500 words. I think I have not written an email in years of as few words, let alone an essay! I do not have to wonder whether it sounded choppy. You try inserting meaning into 500 words.

I set out to draw this evening, but within minutes my backwards neighbors were burning down their house, which brought on an allergy attack. Remember when they said "Back yards not back wards?" Well, these are my back wards neighbors I refer to, except they are in my back yard. ;p

I got one quick sketch of my mojo, my piled up area of stuff that I create with. Instead of putting everything away to draw, this time I just drew the mess I normally posess, allergy tabs included. Four types of allergy tabs later, I was beginning to overcome the awful allergy attack, but the medicine was getting to me. It was more damned if I don't.

Be well, that's it for tonight's fare.